Marquee Heating & Patio Heaters Hire

Stainless steel 16kw patio heater


Our Stainless Steel Patio Heaters are 16kw - the most powerful available and far superior to standard patio heaters.

These heaters project the heat up to three meters either side of the heater and are fully adjustable.

As with all our equipment, we've purchased the highest quality with the best safety features, for the safety & comfort of our clients.

Garden Party Hire construct marquees in the snow for New Year parties for clients.

Not only are the marquees fully water tight, safe and secure but also perfectly warm.

For marquee heating we use fan assisted space heaters. These heaters propel the heat out, ensuring an even level of heating, whilst also ensuring the casing of the heater remains perfectly cool to the touch. These units are also packed with safety features to enhance your safety.

large Space heater


As these heaters are fan assisted, it is possible to use them just as a fan during a warm summers day for air circulation, and then when the temperature drops at night to switch the heat on.

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