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Garden Party Hire developed (unintentionally) approx. 14yrs ago from scratch, from the home of our Directors.

The demand was there, larger companies weren't interested in "back garden work" & intentionally overpriced it.

We worked hard, long hours, and were the laughing stock of the "Big Boys" in the industry.

A few years in and the recession hit. All of a sudden the "Big Boys" were interested in "back garden work" and were now pricing competitively.

Corporate Clients were looking to save money, for more attention to detail & contacted us. We found the transition to Corporate work was actually simple. We just replicated our attention to detail & did what we do for all our clients.

Importantly for our corporate clients not only did we save them money, but we massively improved the standard of their event. One client had been paying £14k for a single stage unit, our charge was less than 20% of that for like for like.

Corporate work now makes up in excess of 60%+ of our business, much of that is happily regular repeat business from large International Blue Chip Companies.

The Big Boys don't laugh at us anymore - we now get a respectful nod. Recently we had to ask one of the bigger marquee companies to stop passing themselves off as us, they were directly advertising on Google as "Garden Party Hire" - we used to pass them work!

As a result we've now trademarked our company name to give our Brand the protection it needs and has earned, but also to allow us to develop & grow as a company on a national basis.

Our client list is very impressive often involving repeat work from HRH's, "A"  list Celebs, Billionaires & even involvement in stadium Concerts.

We've never made a single sales call, its company policy that we never chase quotes ...if the client wants our help they'll be sure to let us know.

Suffice to say that we're now doing quietly very well as a Brand & Company, with a recent move to new premises some five times larger, we're now ready to let people know what we've been up to!

Still a family owned business, still high attention to detail for every job, still keeping things simple but doing them rather well.

The secret of our success...bugger the profit...honesty & concentration on every client’s requirements is what counts.

Good old fashioned customer service never went out of fashion!

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