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It may seem strange that people would hire a cool box and that a company would dedicate a complete page to the Hire of Cool Boxes.

Even modern fridges require some time to settle from transit and take a good 24hrs to get down to the required temperature.

So, if you choose to hire a fridge from a company, be sure to have it delivered two days before you wish to use it. (no doubt they'll charge you for the additional days hire!)

With our Cool Boxes, your drinks will be chilled to perfection within just one hour and remain chilled for the duration of your party - no matter how hot the weather and at less than half the price of hiring a fridge!

Cool Boxes on hire

 Our Cool Boxes should really be classed as a "Cool Chest" as they are approx 4ft x 2ft x 2ft, so they're quite large.

At 165Ltrs, our cool boxes hold 240 12oz cans & will hold ice for seven days in 90 degree heat. 

One cool box is normally sufficient for up to fifty people.

They aren't electric, so don't need to be plugged in. Therefore they can be positioned anywhere you need them, inside or outside. 

No need to struggle for ice, no need to purchase expensive bags of ice, all our cool boxes come complete with sufficient ice to chill your drinks down within one hour.

Cool Boxes on Hire

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