Catering Equipment Hire



Please do ask us about our vast range of catering equipment available for hire, from 6 burner range ovens to simple serving flats.

We regularly supply top class Hotels and Conference Centres with all sorts of equipment, so you can be assured of our high standards.


We prefer repeat business from happy customers, & from experience, we know that what you ask us for might not be the best tool for the job, don''t be surprised if we suggest a less expensive more suitable alternative.  

table Top Plate Warmer


Theres nothing worse than hot food on cold plates!


Our plate warmers will thermostatically heat up to 36 plates, with a maximum diameter of 32cm.

With a sliding door your guests will be able to help themselves to nice warm plates.



Jackstacks or plate stands are an ideal way for chefs to stack plated meals in readiness for service.



We currently have two styles of Jackstacks available for hire, either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This is a simple space saving way of ensuring quality of service for your guests.

Roll Top Chafing Dish



Chafing dishes, either double or single, complete with fuel, will ensure hot food is kept hot for up to 6 hours, in addition to being presented in a professional manner.

Open Roll Top Chafing Dish


Alternatively, fill the chafing dishes with ice to keep cold food chilled for up to two hours.

Soup or Chilli Kettle



Soup kettles are useful not only for soup but also for chilli's, currys & casseroles.

Water Boilers

Tea urns ensure a constant supply of hot water, not only for food & beverage preparation, but also for the dreaded washing up.

Table Top Wine Cooler


These clear acrylic wine coolers are the ideal easy way to keep wine chilled.

For use with or without the use of ice cubes, an inexpensive solution to keeping wine chilled on warm summer days.

Stainless Steel Wine Cooler
In addition we now have available stainless steel wine coolers, for those clients that prefer this style.

Bar Butler


Bar Butlers enable your guests to help themselves to measured drinks effortlessly.

Cool Chest Drinks Cooler

Cool boxes are always a handy addition to any outdoor event, no need for electricity.

Our 165Ltr cool boxes hold 200+ 12oz cans & will hold ice for 7 days in 90 degree heat.

No need to struggle for ice, no need to purchase expensive bags of ice, all our cool boxes come complete with ice cubes.

Thermo Pot ideal for transporting hot food


We also have several thermal food containers which are handy for transporting hot food.Many of our clients use these for collecting food in bulk from caterers or even take-aways.

At many events a buffet is the simplest form of food both to organise & to serve.

Juggling a glass in one hand & a plate in the other is not quite so easy.

To solve this problem we have available a variety of BBQ plates, which hold both food & beverage, and some which even hold cutlery.

Stainless Steel Serving Platter

Serving platters for either buffet food, canapes or drinks are also available for hire.

For a seated meal you may find vegatable serving platters an easy way of serving your food

Vegetable Serving Tray ideal for family table service


Mobile Carvery

We are now able to offer a full carvery service, either just the hire of the equipment or a fully staffed carvery with your choice of menu.

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